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Babe Tape-In Hair Extensions

Babe Premium Professional Salon Hair Extensions are a first for the hair extension industry. It is a result of an exclusive collaboration between Babe inc, a leading hair extension company, and one of the world's oldest and most prestigious raw human hair authorities.

Babe 100% human hair is being used by salons and stylists all over the world for its ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. The extensions can be curled, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, and even colored. Because the cuticle is not stripped and is left in-tact, Babe’s high quality REMY (cuticle correct) hair accomplishes the goal of helping people around the world gain the look they desire. From adding highlights to volume to length, all looks and styles you dreamed of can be accomplished using Babe Tape-In hair extensions.

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We Welcome Jeremy Weeks to our Award Winning Staff ! His list of credentials is lengthy and impressive. 

With his 3 years experience and 4 National Awards he has proven his commitment to the art of hairstyling.


Erin Wilson

Welcome Erin Wilson! Erin started out in the beauty industry as a Make Up Artist 10 years ago. With a passion to be involved in a creative environment, she worked as an MUA and model with the photography industry in Halifax, NS. Erin loves the colaborative team work in the industry so much, she decided to upgrade her skills and become a hairstylist. Just as with make up, she loved the creativity of styling hair and updo’s for a formal and fashion events.

She also enjoys the challenge the hairstyling industry has to offer. Which lead her to compete, and place 2nd in the new talent cut competition, in the Atlantic Hair Show 2017. She loved that this industry is always changing and growing, and is excited to further her education to bring her clients the latest trends in colour and cutting.

Erin Wilson

Wecome Cherie Curtis...Cherie LOVES doing HAIR!... She has 32 years experience with many talents and knowledge in this great industry. She loves creating new looks along with making you feel and look great... new color techniques and great styles for men, woman and kids of all ages!

We have partnered with the world famous Schwarzkopf Hair Products.  Schwarzkopf always in tune with the spirit of the times, has repeatedly revolutionized the markets with technical breakthroughs and innovations. We choose Schwarzkopf because they:

  1. Are one of the top hair cosmetic companies in the world

  2. Have over 100 years experience

  3. Invest heavily in research to help keep you hair healthy & beautiful.
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The Spa 654 Club Hair services The Spa 654 Club Hair services The Spa 654 Club Hair services The Spa 654 Club Hair services The Spa 654 Club Hair services


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