Relaxation Massage: 1 Hour $55
Couples Relaxation Massage: $125
Hotstone Massage: 1 Hour $72


Hot Stone Massage


Is a type of massage therapy. It's used to help you achieve deeper muscle relaxation, pain relief, and complete relaxation through the placement of smooth, heated stones at key points on the body.

Couples Massage

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Trying Something New:
Mix things up a bit and book a couple's massage for you and your partner for your next date.

Re-Connection With Yourself And Your Partner:
There is a lot you have going on in the present, during your massage, you'll be able to put all of that behind you and focus on the here and now.

Lower Stress and Anxiety:
Getting a massage helps you and your partner's body release hormones, which will ease tension and lower your stress levels.

More Feelings of Affection:
The hormones that are released during a massage do more than lower stress, these hormones work together to lift your spirits and keep you happy long after the massage is done and during this time you will experience increased amounts of affection for your partner.

It's a Bonding Experience:
Getting a couple's massage is a great way to bond and experience a little novelty in your relationship.

Please note that our massages are not covered by individual health plans, there are for relaxation only.